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Procedural Based Milestones Workgroup Page

Page history last edited by Jenna Fredette 11 years ago

Procedure Assessment Tools:

procedure assessment tools




Conference Calls

Minutes from Conference Call 3/25/13: 

1) Establish Short Term Goals:  What is the purpose of this Group

          a) There is a difference between our immediate needs of getting together documents that specifically address the milestones VS documents (like checklists) that                incorporate milestones

          b) We will focus our current efforts on developing documents that specifically address the procedural milestones


2) Establish Long Term Goals

          a) Tackle procedural competency, procedural checklists and how milestones can be incorporated into these documents

          b) Make suggestions about the best utilization of these tools (eg Simulation, bedside, Orientation months, SDOTS...)

          b) Research: it is possible that there will be some research goals/questions generated by the group.  While this is not an immediate goal, this may be a future direction


3) Tasks for the Next Meeting

          a) to take each of the milestones and create a documents that can be used at the beside to evaluate residents

          b) we will upload the documents to the drop box for everyone's review prior to the next conference call

          c) at the next conference call we will take the best ideas of each created documents to determine how best to move forward

          d) Assignments:

                         Wound Management: Claudia

                         Airway Management: Sal

                         Vascular Access: Phil Harter

                         Ultrasound: Jenna

                         Anesthesia: Charlie


4) Business Items

          a) Instead of using the wiki to upload documents we will use drop box

          b) Conference calls monthly for now

          c) Continue to use doodle to set up conference call times

          d) Set up conference call times for the next 3 months (doodle to be sent out shortly)

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